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Principal Investigator

Tropical ecology and conservation



Dr Jacob Socolar

Impacts of tropical agriculture on biodiversity across spatial scales

Dr João Campos-Silva

Community-managed fisheries in the Jurua river, Brazil

Dr Joseph Hawes

Tree species composition, biomass and carbon stocks in undisturbed Amazonian forests.

Dr Matthias Dehling

Amazonian fruit-frugivore networks

PhD students

Tree species composition, aboveground biomass and carbon stocks in Amazonian várzea floodplain forest 


Jørgen Sand Sæbø

Carbon and biodiversity co-benefits in Colombia: Implications for conservation planning and implementation of REDD+

Effects of forest degradation on Amazonian wildlife


Thomas Luypaert

Soundscape analysis for biodiversity monitoring in tropical rainforests

MSc students

Astrid Kisen

Activity patterns among domestic cats in Norway

Sven Emil Hinderaker

Habitat selection and use by turtles in western Amazonia, Brazil

Anne-Marie Austad

Birds on camera: assessing the diversity of bird detections by camera traps in Amazonia

Ole-Andreas Stigsrud

Using children as citizen scientists: experiences, suitability and pitfalls

Carmen Skjelvik

Amazonian small mammals

Ingrid Johanne Müller Tangvik

Effect of season and habitat on bat species composition in an Amazonian forest landscape



Alexander Anderson – Functional diversity of birds in the Colombian Andes

James Gilroy – Effects of land-use change on biodiversity in the Colombian Chocó-Andes and Llanos


PhD students

Whaldener Endo – Game vertebrate responses to rural populations in Neotropical protected areas

Rafael Leandro de Assis – Tree species diversity, distribution and habitat specificity on Amazonian floodplains

MSc students

Fan Wu - When does the cat roam: Temporal patterns of pet cat (Felis catus) roaming in Norway

Gina Sande Leikanger - Wildlife use of private gardens in south-eastern Norway

Malin Sahlin Aannestad - Biomass and carbon loss from selective logging and associated collateral damage in eastern Amazonia, Brazil

Filip Sarfi - Utilization of habitat edges and linear features during movement in free-ranging domestic cats in Norway

Bettina Bachmann - Home ranges of domestic cats (Felis catus) in south-eastern Norway

Joe Partyka - Parasites and People: Crocodile parasite interactions in human impacted areas of Belize

Linda Zsemberovszky - Vocal behaviour and intraspecific call variations of Kempholey Night Frog (Nyctibatrachus kempholeyensis) in the Western Ghats, India

Guillermo Alba – Assessing the effect of environmental variables on microhabitat selection and distribution for seven amphibian species in Colombia using in-situ and MaxEnt approaches

Nina Storm An evaluation of the efficiency of survey methods to monitor large mammals in Cusuco National Park, Honduras 

Liss Mortveit – Primate assemblage structure and habitat associations in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, Peru

Margarita Lopez Garcia – Recovery of butterfly assemblages in secondary Andean cloud forests, Colombia

Gabriella Krivek – Fruit choice and habitat use of the Greater Mascarene Flying Fox (Pteropus niger) on Mauritius

Rudy Badia – Exploring the environmental factors determining forest bird composition and distribution on the island of Ta'u, American Samoa

Jørgen Sand Sæbø – Spatial and temporal distributions and interactions in a neotropical ground-dwelling animal community

Martin Austad – Nest site selection and nesting success by terns and skimmers in Manu National Park, Peru

Ramón Soto Madrid – The effect of selective logging on the community of chewing lice and feather mites associated with forest birds in Sabah, Malaysia

Marte Sofie Søreide – Effect of tree-fall gaps on fruit-feeding nymphalid butterfly assemblages and vertical stratification in Manu National Park, Peru

Petter Lilleengen – Assemblage structure of fruit-feeding nymphalids (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) in floodplain and upland forest at Cocha Cashu, Peru

Pauline Kajl – Effects of alien plant species removal on biodiversity and species interactions in two native forest areas on Mauritius

Marte Fandrem – Bird-parasite dynamics in a Bornean rainforest: the effects of selective logging and host characteristics

Silvana Gallegos – Effect of forest conversion on the aquatic macro-invertebrate fauna in the Ecuadorian Andes

Fernanda de Almeida Meirelles – Conservação de roedores caviomorfos em uma reserva de desenvolvimento sustentável na Amazônia: efeitos da estrutura do habitat e atividades extrativistas (co-supervisor)

Ajaya Nagarkoti – A comparative study of abundance of tiger prey base in Bardia-Katarniaghat (Khata) corridor and south-west corner of Bardia National Park, Nepal

Molly Maria Greger – Traditional healers as a foundation pillar of medicinal plant conservation in Uganda

Tahir Mahmood – Assessing snow leopard (Unica unica) by sign surveys and camera trapping in northern Pakistan (co-supervisor)

Janak Raj Khatiwada – Amphibian species richness and composition along an elevational gradient in Chitwan, Nepal

Joaquin Urrutia – Physical factors influencing macro-invertebrate assemblages in epiphytic bromeliads in the rainforest of Belize

Maarten van der Eyden – Effects of fire history on species richness and carbon stocks in a Peruvian puna grassland, and development of allometric equations for biomass estimation of common puna species

Karl Rickard Persson – Seed dispersal of the Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa) by scatter-hoarding rodents in central Amazonian secondary forest

Jorunn Ospedal Vallestad – Bird species composition in primary and secondary forests of the lower Caquetá region, Colombia

Laura Maira – Status and ecology of the Wattled Curassow (Crax globulosa Spix, 1825) in the lower Caquetá river, Colombia

Daniel Thorsell – Ecology of the Malay Civet (Viverra tangalunga) in Lambusango forest on Buton Island, Sulawesi

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