Lab overview

The Tropical Rainforest Ecology Lab (TREcoL) focuses on tropical rainforest biodiversity, its conservation and impacts endured from climate and land-use change. Research and interests span a diversity of topics, including plant-animal interactions, animal movements, community ecology, behavioural ecology, NTFPs and more. We have a focus on Amazonia and the Tropical Andes, but students work in a variety of places and settings across the tropics.  

News in brief

Several new articles published - highlight Nature Ecology and Evolution

Yennie publishes her second PhD chapter in Forests

Submissions on floodplain forests invited to special issue in Forests

Frugivores and seed dispersal crowd gathered for conference.

Two new post-docs and a new PhD student have joined the lab.


Visit the RESEARCH page to explore the diversity of topics and places studied by our group.

Get Involved

A Tropical Rainforest Ecology Lab in Norway? - you may think to yourself with a light chuckle. Sure, here we are. Indeed, the Faculty to which we belong has one of the few MSc degrees in Europe where you can specialise in tropical ecology. Check it out and contact us for further info!

DEADLINE for applications: 1st December for international students

We are part of a team currently tracking Orinoco geese and Black Skimmers in Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Here a congragation of geese at La Aurora in the Colombian Llanos.

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